The official website is www.clinicaltrialsymposium.com. The owner of the official website is Avantyo-Institute of Clinical Research.

By accessing or using the official website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this agreement (set out below), the Privacy Policy and the Cancellations and Refunds Policy.

1. The Congress Organizer

Avantyo-Institute of Clinical Research founded in 2019, has as main activity the developing of practical training methods for clinical research professionals. Avantyo-Institute of Clinical Research develops an educational platform for all European clinical trials specialists including training programs tailored for clinicians investigators, study nurses, laboratory specialists, pharmacists, general practitioners,etc.

2. Consenting to the Terms & Conditions

By registering to the CT Symposium, you give your consent for organizers to collect, process and use your Personal Data for any and all of the purposes of your attendance at the Congress (see also Privacy Policy).

This agreement is made in and shall be governed and construed by Romanian laws.

3. General conditions

Any Clinical Trials Symposium ticket purchased is nominal and non-transferrable, offering the right for one individual, unless otherwise stated, to take part at the entire or parts of the Symposium.

4. Tickets purchasing

In order to purchase a ticket you have to follow the Registration Procedure:

  • Access and fill in the Registration form
  • Follow the payment procedure provided by MobilPay.ro

All payments are processed by our partner NETOPIA through their payment portal www.mobilpay.ro.

Please consult all the necessary information regarding the Participation Fees on our website.

You will be notified via email regarding any update on your Pass.

Credit/Debit card issuing bank may charge you an international transaction fee, depending on the currency of the card. Please check with your card issuing bank for details of charges.

5. Event cancellation and Force Majeure

The organizers are not responsible for the cancellation or change of a scientific and/or social event in the event of an accident, an act caused by a third party (e.g. interdictions by authorities, venue closing), credible threats of natural disaster in the geographic vicinity, war, curtailment or interruption of transportation facilities, threats or acts of terrorism or similar acts, governmental travel advisory, a governmental elevation of the terrorism alert level, civil disturbance or any other cause comparable events or disaster beyond the parties’ control (see also Cancellations & Refunds).

The organizers do not take any responsibility for the cancellation or change of scientific events due to speakers’ or partner institutions’ faults and no fees or other penalties can be claimed.

The organizer reserve the right to cancel at short notice any scientific event if any reasons which are outside of the sphere of responsibility of Avantyo (e.g. Force majeure, venue closing, interdictions by authorities, etc.) occur. No fees or other penalties can be claimed in this situation.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel or modify at short notice any social event if a certain minimum number of participants is not attained or for any reasons which are outside of the sphere of responsibility of Avantyo (e.g. Force majeure, venue closing, interdictions by authorities, etc.) occur. In the event of such cancellations, no fees or other penalties can be claimed in this situation

6. Insurance and liability

It is recommended that participants obtain adequate cover for travel, health and accident insurance before they depart from their countries. The organizers cannot accept responsibility for personal injuries, or loss of, or damage to, private property belonging to the congress participants and accompanying persons.


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